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Discover the range Platinum 

Brand Platinium  "French Brand" presents its flagship products, fertilizer systems, through the pH testers ... With it, you'll have everything you need for your indoor culture, the best market prices . Platinum is Platinium Nutrients , Platinum Hydroponics , Platinium Instruments, and Platinium Soil .

Platinium Nutrients What is it?

Monster-PlantPlatinium Nutrients full range of fertilizers. Click the fertilizer  that interests you and discover its action on plants. Platinium Nutrients fertilizer  will have no more secrets for you ...

Discover the biological action  of each  fertilizer  with  the full catalog  Platinium Nutrients .  

Problem of deficiencies for your plants? Follow the guide!

Cropping patterns  PLATINIUM NUTRIENTS .

FertilizervignettevignetteCapacityuseJob ConcentrationPeriod of useUsed in organic agriculture


250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L

Diamond Sugar  is a fertilizer for all types of plants developed to support the flowering phase.2 mL / LThroughout the period of flowering, the appearance of flowers 1st and until rinsing.uAB
FLUSH BUDflush bud


250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L

Flush Bud struggle against the white powder residue visible on the surface of the culture medium are a sign of excess salts ... Fight against this excess flush with Bud.Use 10 ml of solution for Flush 5L of water. 1x per week throughout the culture. Last application 7 to 10 days before harvest. 
BUBBLE ZYM V2bubble zym


250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L

Bubble Zym V2 Physio-stimulating algae and microorganisms. 3 in 13ml / LTreat period of active growth. 
AMINOWEEDamino weed


30ml / 100ml / 250ml 
/ 500ml / 1L

Aminoweed Booster powerful 56% amino acid Biostimulant resistance and plant growth.

1 to 2 ml / LStart stage during cultivation, and for the recovery. uAB


10g / 25g / 100g

Monster Invasion T and X Material fertilizer: Preparation microbial fungus-based endomycorrhizal, seaweed extract and mycorrhizal fungus. Inoculum concentrate consisting of Trichoderma spores.

See product description

Sowing, potting, multiplication. 
In vegetative growth.
Sensistar GROW AND BLOOMSensistar


250ml / 1L / 5L

Sensistar Bloom and Grow flowering Special fertilizer in gel form Nanotechnology + Calcium + Magnesium + Micronutrients

0.5 to 1.5ml / liter depending on the pH of water.Grow growing until the end of the third week of flowering. Bloom  from the 4 th  week of flowering until rinsing. 
CLONE XROOTSxroots clone



Clone Xroots root growth stimulator Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture 100% organic, 100% natural.

1 to 2 ml / LiterCutting and seedling / Maintenance.  uAB
ENERGY MAXmax energy



Max Energy Booster blooming Powerful mineral deficiencies regulator maturity accelerator stimulates the development of plants in all their growth stages. 

1ml / L From the 3rd week of growth until the beginning of flowering. 
pH DOWNph down


250ml / 500ml / 1L / 5L

pH Down Powerful pH corrector used to lower the pH of your nutrient solution.

0.2 to 2.5 ml / LSolution for 
phases of growth and flowering.


30ml / 100ml / 250ml / 
500ml / 1L / 5L

Humic Fulvic Booster improves the physical, chemical and biological conditions of the soil Booster growth and flowering. Effective until the fourth week of bloom for a better crop.

Watering: 1-3 mL / L, spray: 1 to 4 mL / L, 1x per week.Seedlings, planting, transplanting, transplant and grow until the appearance of buds and 1st to 4th week of flowering. uAB

 hydroponic bloom

500ml / 1L / 
5L / 10L / 20L

Hydroponic Grow and Bloom nutrient Complex Used in combination.

See product descriptionGrowth and flowering 
Resin MOREresin more


30ml / 50ml / 500ml / 
1L / 5L

Resin more stimulator 100% organic Complementing your flowering fertilizer Develops maximum, flowers and fruits + resin.

1.5 mL / LCan be used late in the growing and flowering until rinsing. uAB


250ml / 30ml / 100ml / 
500ml / 1L / 5L

Rhizoponics Best root stimulator Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture UAB 700% of root mass and more!

0.2ml / L to 0.5 ml / LStarting roots, recovery and stress situation until 2 weeks before rinsing. uAB
SEAWEED XTRACTseaweed xtract


100ml / 500ml / 
250ml / 1L

Seaweed Xtract Activator growth Applying Xtract seaweed and seaweed extracts provides an elevation of growth rate of 5 to 30%.

2 to 5 ml / LTo apply weekly foliar or soil during 
growth and into early fruiting.
BatMax GUANOsun resist


100g / 500g / 1kg

The  Bat Guano  is a natural product rich in phosphorus phosphate salts are the real  nutritious food   for  plants .

In indoor 10g / LFor growth and flowering. uAB


30ml / 50ml / 500ml / 
1L / 5L

Super Boost Booster powerful large flowers easily assimilated Stimulator Increases growth.

1.5 mL / L During the last 3 weeks before rinsing. Make 1/2 or 1/3 watering with clean water. uAB
SPECIAL AGENTspecial agent



Special Agent Wetting agent for spraying mineral fertilizer plants nitrogen-phosphorus + wetting agent.

1.5 ml / LAdded to your additives to apply foliar. 

 organic bloom

100ml / 1L / 
500ml / 3L

Organic Grow Organic Fertilizer ultra concentrated 100% organic Think Organic Bloom Organic growth.

1-2 mL / LGrowth and flowering uAB

Platinium Hydroponics what is it?

Platinium Hydroponics  offers an extensive range of hydroponic systems. The range is recognized as a reference in the market for hydroponic systems like GHE, Autopot, IWS, Nutriculture.

The future has arrived sooner than expected. Platinium Hydroponics , specializes in the production and creation of hydroponic systems, presents its famous range of systems composed of more than 50 different and revolutionary products. Indeed, these systems are unique because they have the greater modularity of the market, it is now possible to switch from one system to another in no time and at lower cost. For ype culture (tide table, Drip, NFT, Aeroponic) and all tent sizes. Version cuttings with SuperCloner.

systems Number of PlantsCulturesubstratesvideos
SUPER CLONEplatinum hydroponics

12, 30, 84.

aeroponic system for cuttings.aeroponie.PNGSee the video
HYDRO-STONEplatinum hydroponics

4, 6, 12, 20, 30, 15, 10, 40.

hydroponic system with rockwool cubes.See the video
HYDRO-STARplatinum hydroponics

4, 6, 12, 20, 30, 15, 10, 40.

hydroponic system with pots and clay beads. Can turn into AERO-STAR system.ball-argile.PNGCulture-pot.PNGSee the video
HYDRO-PROplatinum hydroponics

4, 6, 12, 16, 8, 24.

hydroponic system with pots and clay beads. Can turn into AERO-PRO system.ball-argile.PNGCulture-pot.PNGSee the video
HYDRO-STAR BIG POTplatinum hydroponics

4, 6, 9.

hydroponic system with more space between the pots.ball-argile.PNGCulture-pot.PNGSee the video
AERO-STARplatinum hydroponics

4, 6, 12, 20, 30, 15, 10, 40.

aeroponic system. Can turn into HYDRO-STAR system.aeroponie.PNGCulture-pot.PNGSee the video
AERO-PROplatinum hydroponics

4/8/16, 6/12/24, 12/24/48, 16/32/64, 8/16/32, 24/48/96

aeroponic system with interchangeable plates 1 with 4 holes. Can turn into HYDRO-PRO system.aeroponie.PNGCulture-pot.PNGSee the video
AERO-TOPplatinum hydroponics

5, 6, 12, 20, 30, 15, 10, 40.

aeroponic system. aeroponie.PNGSee the video
EBB & FLOWplatinum hydroponics

6, 15, 24, 35, 15, 48.

Table System tide. Culture-pot.PNGSee the video
PYRAMIDplatinum hydroponics

100, 200.

aeroponic system. aeroponie.PNGSee the video

Most :

  1. 100% ABS plastic food
  2. 1 to 5 modular tray system selection
  3. 10 year warranty
  4. Design
  5. Easy to mount

Soil Platinium what is it?

Soil Platinum  offers all substrates essential for your indoor culture.

Loams, clay pebbles, perlite, vermiculite. 

 Light-Mix         the Grow-Mix       Royal-Mix      Coco-Mix

Platinum Instruments What is it?

Platinum Instruments: Testers PH, EC , pipettes, microscopes, measuring cup ... Check to perfection your hydroponic solution. The best prices on the web. Platinium quality.

With Platinum you essentially create your first indoor garden and grow your first plants.

Find our other tips for your indoor growing:

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