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Seaweed fertilizer Xtract 1L Platinium Nutrients. Growth promoter.

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Seaweed fertilizer Xtract 1L Platinium Nutrients. Growth promoter.

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Xtract seaweed of Platinium Nutrients

N 3


Xtract seaweed is an organic nitrogen fertilizer base feather powder and Ascophyllum nodosum, an algae naturally rich in trace elements (it contains boron, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum and sulfur), concentrated in auxin, cytokinins and natural gibberellins, growth hormones to many qualities: These plant hormones stimulate cell division and cell size, play a key role in the bud, boost metabolism shoots , delay leaf senescence and activate the production of chlorophyll.

Cytokinins are actively involved in cell division and the formation of membranes.
Auxins and gibberellins promote cell elongation. Betaine participates in the production of chlorophyll and is considered the best vegetable anti-stress agent.
Betaine occurs in the cycle of the formaldehyde which is used as a protective agent for the plant against nematodes.

Growth hormones fresh algae are not found in all commercial products. Auxins unlike cytokinins, more stable.

Gibberellins degrade after a few months hence the importance of working with perfectly controlled formulations of view of stability; and for Ascophyllum nodosum is classified as brown seaweed because it becomes drying, the green color of departure is a good indicator of its freshness and qualities expected related polysaccharides. Ascophyllum nodosum is a perennial algae that can live for many years.
We now know that the effects of extracts of seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum are multiple and intervene at the heart of plant metabolism: The results of these experiments show that algal molecules stimulate the growth and nutrition of plants treated with seaweed Xtract. The study of their mode of action shows that they act on the plants as vitality enhancers. There is also a stimulatory effect of phosphatase enzymes root involved in the absorption of phosphate.
Enabling this type of enzymes allows a multitude of downstream effects in the plant, recognized in particular by increasing the plant chlorophyll content.

Our researchers can identify the responsible for the effects of algal substances on plants, as well as potential targets of these marine extracts. Following the spraying of brown algae extract rich in auxin, a gene list has been established reflecting a relationship between the dose administered and protein synthesis.

Measurable and production earnings results: Applying Xtract seaweed and algae extracts provide an elevated growth rates of 5 to 30% depending on the crop treated; it is found an increase of the root system (sometimes spectacular), but the tests also put forward and especially increased resistance to diseases including potato, apple orchards pear and peach, sugar beet, maize and sunflower. Another original molecule present: abscisic acid, involved in the regulation of evapotranspiration and the fight against crop water stress. Mannitol, alginic acid (colloidal polysaccharide), fucoidan, amino acids and proteins, are still other sources of clean seaweed effects, all beneficial to agriculture.
Xtract seaweed is an ideal additive to prepare the plant for an exuberant flowering by the action of plant hormones, while activating its natural defenses for better resistance to diseases, deficiencies and temperature variations due to elicitors. In addition to your growth fertilizer.

Use :
2 to 5 ml / L in irrigation or 5ml / L spray in croissanceet until the third week of flowering.

organic N = 3%


seaweed xtract

seaweed xtractCYTOKININ: This hormone induces a budding plant

seaweed xtractAuxin: This hormone induces a vertical growth


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